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Sucking habit treatment is recommended prior to the age of 3, before the adult teeth start to come in. When the sucking persists past the age of three or becomes chronic (i.e. occurring in two or more settings) it may be time to think about eliminating the sucking habit.

Before making any decisions it is important for you to be knowledgeable about the treatment options.

There are many different treatment approaches available to eliminate a sucking habit. Psychodynamic therapy, mechanical devices, and behavior modification therapies are common approaches; however the data clearly supports the use of behavior modification.

A TWO THUMBS UP therapy program encompasses conscious awareness, motivation, positive reinforcement and a mini reward system. Elimination of the sucking habit generally occurs within ten days and/or nights.

Sucking Complications

Can contribute to a dental malocclusion such as a cross bite, overjet, or anterior open bite

Constant pressure of thumb against the roof of the mouth can contribute to a high, narrow, arched palate

Sucking habits anchor the tongue down and forward instead of allowing the tongue to rest in the proper position on the roof of the mouth

Contributes to abnormal tongue movement patterns

Alters respiratory patterns, contributing to open mouth rest posture of the lips

Infections and calluses on the thumbs or fingers

Speech sound errors

Difficulty focusing on a subject when thumb sucking occurs in a school setting

Can negatively affect peer relationships

To learn more from the creator of the Two Thumbs Up program, Christine Mills, check out her book! This is an excellent resource for both families and professionals. (Click the image to link directly to Amazon).