New Patients


All new patients will need an evaluation by one of our therapists. Evaluations can range from 60 - 90 minutes.

Prior to the appointment the online paperwork must be completed. These forms are sent via email. 

*For speech/language patients - If you have a current IEP and/or MET submit via email or drop off prior to the appointment. Any other evaluations (i.e., speech, OT, PT reports, etc) can also be emailed or dropped off at our office. 

Appointment day - bring 1/2 a sandwich of your choice, a pureed snack with spoon (i.e. pudding, yogurt, applesauce) and a finger snack (i.e. pretzels, chips, goldfish etc), as well as a favorite cup or water bottle. We also would like pictures of the patient watching TV, working on the computer or holding a handheld device, and a 2-3 minute video the patient sleeping.


Once the evaluation has been completed the therapist will complete a treatment plan.  Our average patients are seen weekly for 30 min sessions. 

*Remote sessions are available on a case by case basis.  Not all patients qualify. 

Remote sessions are done using Zoom.  Once scheduled, the therapist will email you a link with the zoom meeting to join.  All patients doing remote sessions must have a card saved on file.  This card will be charged after each session. 


All services provided at NSLC are private pay and fees will be collected on the day of service. Following payment, patients will have online access to the "superbill" receipt that will contain the insurance codes that are required by insurance providers. It is the patient’s responsibility to submit the appropriate paperwork to their insurance providers for possible reimbursement.

When communicating with your insurance company, it is important that you are prepared to ask and answer questions. Below are a few suggestions, provided to us by our patients, to help make your experience with your insurance provider a meaningful one. It is important that you take detailed notes including the date, name, number, and extension of the person with whom you spoke to.

Questions to Ask your Insurance Provider: Does my policy cover speech and language therapy for an out-of-network, private practice provider? If speech and language are a covered benefit: Do I have a deductible, how many sessions are covered, what percentage of the fee will I be reimbursed? What form(s) do I have to submit prior to receiving my insurance benefits?

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